Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Staples Now Selling AppleTV and Apple Accessories

Staples has announced that they are now selling Apple accessories, as well as some Apple devices. They don't have macs or iPads, but they do have AppleTVs and routers such as the Airport Express and Airport Extreme. We have an AppleTV and three Airport devices in our house. The Airport Express, in particular, is a brilliant device. I'll make a dedicated post about it one day because it is so good; it's like the swiss army knife of wireless routers.

This is a good opportunity for those in the Miles and Points community to earn extra points through online shopping portals and/or cards such as the Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus that offer 5x earnings at office supply stores. If you were going to buy a new iPad case or AppleTV anyway, then why not earn extra points on it?

HT to AppleInsider